Ratified 08-05-08

Article I: The Society

1.1 NAME- The Society shall be known as the Ocala Model Railroaders Historic Preservation Society Incorporated.

1.2           Objective - To promote the hobby of Model Railroading, to build and operate various scale Model Railroads and to help preserve the Railroad history in the Ocala/Marion County area and North Central Florida. To further these objectives all members are required to be members of the National Model Railroad Association.

1.3            Fiscal Year - The Fiscal year of the Society shall be from January 1st to December 31st

1.4           Amending the Bylaws -  By Laws may be amended by:

A.  A majority vote of the Board of Directors, subject to the approval of 51% of the member at a business meeting, provided that previous notice has been given  or

B.  The vote of (2/3) majority of the membership at a business meeting after previous notice has been given.

1.5          Dissolution-Upon the dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed as stated in Article 3 of the Articles of Incorporation and will be distributed to one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.

Article II: Governing Body 

2.1           Board of Directors - The Board of Directors shall consist of the following: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three members atlargein good standing - two representing HO, one from N. The Board shall be responsible for governing the activities and meetings of the Society, subject to approval of a majority (51%) of members in good standing. The Board cannot conduct business without a quorum of at least four (4), including a presiding officer and someone to take minutes. The Board of Directors is authorized to expend up to the amount as set forth in House Rules. All Society powers not specifically prohibited shall be vested in the Board of Directors.

2.2           Elections - Elections of theSocietyofficersshall occur at the first meeting in the month of December, or if a vacancy occurs, at the first Business meeting following the vacancy. Electionsof the three members at large shall occur at the business meeting inMay nominations shall be accepted from the floor subject to the acceptance of the person nominated and must be in good standing.  Nominations shall be opened in October for Society officers. Nominations for Board members (at large) shall be open in April. After nominations have been closed, only members in good standing at the time of the election may vote. A quorum of 51% of members in good standing is required to hold an election.

2.3           Officers 

A.  President - Shall preside at all regular Business Meetings, Board Meetings and or other special meetings. The President shall appoint all committees and shall be a member ex-officio of all committees appointed.  The President shall be responsible for the overall conduct and planning of Society activities. The President will be the official representative of the Society.

B.  Vice President - Shall assume the responsibilities of the President in the President’s absence.

C. Treasurer - Shall have custody, and keep account of all Society financial assets. He shall present to the membership a statement of such funds at regular Business meetings. The Treasurer shall be responsible for collection of dues and fees, and shall be responsible for certification of members in good standing for voting purposes. The Treasurer shall prepare a year end financial statement for the Society, no later than February of the next year.

D. Secretary - Shall keep accurate minutes of all Society and Board Meetings maintain said minutes in the Society Notebook. And shall be responsible for notification of Society members regarding meetings and activities, The Secretary is responsible for informing members of any changes to the Society By Laws and or rules. And will be responsible for Society correspondence. Make a written record of all property loaned to or by the Society. Shall be responsible for providing written substantiation for any charitable contributions of $250 or more as per requirements of the 501(c)(3) regulations. 

2.4                  Terms of Office - Term of Office for the elected Officers positions shall be for one year (January - December). AtlargeBoard members’termsshall be from June to May (one year).

2.5                  Meetings

A.       The Society meets every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM with the first Tuesday of each month being reserved for Business Meeting.

B.       Meetings of the Board of Directors will be held on the Wednesday prior to the First Tuesday meeting every month.

C.       The Society reserves the right to change the dates of these meetings if necessary.

2.6                  Roberts Rules of Order- The Ocala Model Railroaders Historic Preservation Society Incorporated meetings shall be conducted in accordance with “Roberts Rules of Order”, unless the Society’s bylaws specify otherwise.

Article III: Membership

3.1                   Definition- 

A.   Member – A person who has the rights and responsibilities as outlined in By-Laws Articles 3.3 and 3.4. 

B.   Applicant - is a prospective member who has submitted a signed application for membership. The applicant is expected to participate in activities for the probationary period as specified in By-Laws Article 3.2.

C.   Affiliate Member is available to household and immediate family members of regular members. Other persons from the age of 16 years of age who are sponsored by regular members, subject to the approval of the membership after 6 months probation. They shall enjoy all the rights of regular members except making motions, voting, and are subject to all of the responsibilities of the regular members. Affiliate Members will not pay dues but will be required to join the National Model Railroad Association.

3.2           Eligibility- Membership in the Ocala Model Railroaders Historic Preservation Society Incorporated is open to anyone 16 years of age or older actively engaged, or desirous of becoming engaged in the hobby of Model Railroading, historic railroad preservation and related interests. To become a member you must:

A.   Read, understand and abide by the By-Laws, Operating Rules and House Rules.

B.   Be on probation at least 6 months.

C.   Attend at least 12 regularly scheduled meetings during the probationary period.

D.   Following the probationary period, a written ballot will be taken by members present at the designated meeting. A 2/3 vote is necessary to elevate the applicant to member status.

E.   Pay Initiation Fee within three months of application. 

F.    Pay Dues starting on the first full month following the day of application as set forth in Article 4.3.

G.  Make an honest effort to advance the objectives of the society as set forth in Article 1.2.

H.   Not be a convicted felon, sex offender or currently charged with a felony or sex offence.  

3.3           Rights of Members - Members in good standing shall enjoy the following rights:

A.  Voting on Society business on the basis of one vote per member.

B.  Operating of equipment on the Society layout’s subject to House Rules.

C. Participation in Society activities.

D. Attend Society meetings and other functions.

E.  Be a Board Member or an Officer after one year of regular membership.

3.4           Responsibilities of Members -

A.   Paying initiation fees and dues as specified in Article 4.3 and House Rules.

B.   Adherence to Society By-Laws and House Rules.

C.   Attendance at Society meetings and other functions.

D.   Promoting Society goals and activities.

E.   Voting on Society business.

F.    Acceptance of “Majority Rule” concept when counter to one’s own desires.

G.  Cooperation with others.

H.   Honesty and integrity, and respect for the rights of others.

I.       Performance of duties or tasks to which one may be assigned or for which one may volunteer.

J.     Members represent the Society and they will conduct themselves in a manner which will not bring discredit to the Society. 

3.5         Application for Membership - Application for membership shall be made by completion of a Membership application submitted to a Board member and payment of the minimum dues and initiation fee in accordance with Article 4.3 of the By-Laws.  

3.6         Leave of Absence - Members in good standing will apply to the Board of Directors in writing for Leave of Absence in advance of the date in which it is to commence and must provide their anticipated date of reinstatement. During the leave of absence all rights, privileges and responsibilities are terminated.

3.7         Termination of Members - Membership shall terminate upon occurrence of any of the following:

A.   The resignation of the member.

B.   The failure of a member to pay regular dues in the amount and within the times set forth in Article 4.3.

C.   A member has failed to observe the rules of conduct governing this Society.

1.     Procedure for Disciplinary Action - Following the determination, by the Board, that grounds exist for a hearing to determine if a member has failed to observe the rules governing the society, the following procedure shall be implemented:

a.     A notice shall be sent by certified mail to the most recent address of the member as shown on the Society’s records. Notice shall be sent at least 25 days before the proposed hearing date. The notice to the member shall state the reason for, date, time and place of the hearing.

b.    At the hearing the member shall be given an opportunity to be heard, either orally, in writing, or a letter of resignation. The hearing will be held by the Board of Directors.

c.     Following the hearing, the Board of Directors shall decide, by majority secret ballot, whether or not the member should be expelled, suspended or sanctioned in some other way.

d.    If the person expelled from the Society has paid his dues in advance, they shall receive a refund in the amount determined by the Board of Directors.

3.8 Reinstatement into Membership

A. Suspended, dismissed or resigned individuals shall apply, and be subject to a vote of the Board of Directors, and maytake into account all of the criteria for acceptance of new members. Application for reinstatement may include payment of fees assessed during the period of absence.

B.  Individuals on Leave of Absence shall reapply, and be subject to a vote of the Board of Directors.  The Board may waive the initiation fee, and membership will begin upon payment of monthly dues and may include payment of fees assessed during the period of absence.

3.9 Society Responsibility -

A.  The Society is responsible for the property and equipment it owns.

B.  The Society is responsible for property loaned to it providing consent to the loan has been obtained from the Board of Directors in advance of the loan itself, and a written record of the loan is provided to the Secretary. 

C. The Society is not responsible for members or visitor’s property left deliberately or inadvertently on the Society premises.

D. The Society is not responsible for the property left by suspended, dismissed, or members on Leave of Absence.

Article IV: Society Rules

4.1         Society Rules and other House Rules are hereby adopted,  are subject to revision by a majority vote of the Board of Directors and subject to approval of a majority (51%) of the Members in good standing at a business meeting.

4.2         Keys - Key shall be issued in accordance with current House Rules. Keys shall not be loaned to persons who are not members. Members who are suspended, resigned or dismissed shall surrender their keys to the Society President.

4.3         Society Dues andInitiation Fee – Dues are payable by the second Tuesday Meeting of every month. Membership dues and initiation fees, as set forth in House Rules, shall be set by a majority vote of the Board of Directors and approved by the members at a regularly scheduled business meeting.  Initiation fee for new members must be paid with in the first three months of the probation period.

4.4         Sign - in Log - Shall be maintained at the Society. All Members are responsible for signing themselves in and out, they must sign in any visitors or guests with them. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the sign in Log.

4.5          Security - The Society premises are to be secured at all times when no member is present. It shall be the responsibility of the “Last Key Carrying Member Out” to ensure that the Society is secure, including switching off any power, appliances, and water.


General Rules

  • Society will be open during hours as published by the Board.
  • The initiation fee is $10.00 and the monthly dues are $20.00.
  • National Model Railroad Association dues will be deducted from the monthly dues.
  • Affiliate Members will pay the National Model Railroad Association dues to the Treasurer at the time of the application.
  • The Board of Directors is authorized to expend up to $300.00.
  • Visitors are always welcome.
  • Visitors are prohibited from participating in layout operations, repairs, maintenance, etc. without permission.
  • All work on layouts and rolling stock to be done by members in good standing.
  • A parent or guardian must accompany children under sixteen (16) years of age.
  • No member shall operate another person’s equipment without owner’s consent.
  • No member shall change or adjust the layouts without permission of the Layout Superintendents.
  • No member shall change or adjust any rolling stock, powered or unpowered, without permission of the Quality Control Superintendent.
  • No food or drink on the layouts.
  • No advertising shall be posted without the Board’s permission.
  • The use of drugs, tobacco or alcohol products in the Society building is prohibited. Any member or guest who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave.
  • Exterior door keys to be held by Board members, Society officers, Committee Heads, and others as designated by the Board.
  • Society tools shall not be removed from the Society building without permission. ·       
  • All members should feel an individual responsibility for the upkeep of the Society property and contents. ·       
  • Official Society railroad name is – Ocala Midland Railroad – OMRR ·       
  • It is the duty of the last member to leave the Society building to see that all equipment and lights are turned off, the thermostat is reset, and the building is secure. ·       
  • Members are required to return all tools to their proper places, and upon completion of work to clean up any litter made by such activity.  

Organizational Structure   ·                   

  • Society President – oversees all Society activity ·                   
  • Layout Superintendents – oversees the physical layout, design, construction and maintenance. ·                   
  • Operations Superintendents – full control and the overseeing of layout operations. ·                   
  • Quality Control Superintendents – oversees all rolling stock, powered and unpowered.    

Ratified 08-05-08 Revised 10-01-13