We have a special wall dedicated to displaying all of the Marion County train depots of the past. While we have a great many of these special antique photos, we are still missing some key train depots that cannot be found through our various sources. Anyone with a photo of any of our missing depots who would like to donate the image or send it to us electronically, we would be most appreciative. These depots are long gone, but their history in helping build this county is still greatly needed for future generations. Thank you!

Special request

Rail Fan

With the help of our members and other railroading fans, we come across a lot of interesting information and links of interest. This particular section is dedicated to sharing this information with others who may have never seen this information or would perhaps find it interesting. We are always seeking new information, unusual sightings and other railroad related news within the Marion County area. Any information can be sent to our e-mail account at omrr@embarqmail.com.